My name is Andrew Kopylow. My address is Asunción - Don Torcuato - Argentina. I am afraid that the following story is not a science fiction story.

On 1992, I decided to buy a first class imported car. I was told about Mercedes Benz cars quality.

I was told that Mercedes Benz Argentina guarantees the after selling technical service and the cars spare parts provision. Then , I decided to buy a Mercedes Benz car, a MB 230 E.
I bought it at DIESEL SAN MIGUEL, a Mercedes Benz Argentina dealer. I paid
u$s 85,000 for it.

Two month later, the windshield got broken. I had to wait three month for receiving the new windshield from Mercedes Benz Argentina, because they have not windshields for my car.

One month later I went to DIESEL SAN MIGUEL to perform a maintenance service. You know, you MUST do it in order to keep the car under guarantee. The DIESEL SAN MIGUEL guys send me to another Mercedes Benz Argentina dealer, because they didn' t know how to do the service. Then I went to the other dealer, TALLERES NORTE. I had to drive 26 miles. The TALLERES NORTE guys told me that they were able to do the services, under one condition: I had to tell them that I was going for a service, 30 days before going. Why? Because they had to get the spare parts. Later I found out that these spare parts where not Mercedes Benz done, but unknown manufacturers done, with no serial number and no quality control.

Then I decide to visit to others Mercedes Benz Argentina dealers in order to find spare parts for my car (oil filters, gas filters, brakes parts and another common spare parts). I drove my car for about 550 miles, and ...I could not find Mercedes Benz manufactured spare parts for my car.

Because of this, my car became in an unsafe car. This car has not a correct maintenance.

A really unsafe car ...

Three years later, the car air-conditioning system broke down. I had to wait four month for receiving the spare parts. Then, I found out that these spare parts were imported withou paying customs duty.
When I ask to Mercedes Benz Argentina about this situation, they try to change these spare parts for another that they had got from Germany in the right way.

Once I found out this apparent fraud, I began to ask not only Mercedes Benz Argentina but DAIMLER \endash CHRYSLER to explain me about this situation.

From this day on 1996, my life became a nightmare...

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This is my pretty, safe car.I paid u$s 85000 for it.

A u$s 85000 car covered with signs ...

Now I can't drive it because it is really an unsafe car, because Mercedes Benz Argentina is unable to provide me with basic spare parts for it.

... it is the only way ...

The only way I have to protest against Mercedes Benz Argentina is it to cover my car with a lot of signs, because Mercedes Benz Argentina, Daimler - Chrysler and the press are not listening to me.

... to protest.

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When I found out that the spare parts for my car where obtained in an non-legal way, I began to ask Mercedes Benz Argentina (in a very insistent way) about this situation, but to Daimler - Chrysler too. I got no answer from the DC chairman, Mr. JUERGEN SCHREMPP. Mr. PAWLIK, SCHUBERT and STEYERT (they are Daimler - Chrysler employees), told me that it was my problem and Mercedes Benz Argentina problem, not a Daimler - Chrysler problem.

I continued enquiring about, so Mercedes Benz Argentina told me that I had not the right to ask about the spare parts origin, because they didn't ask me if my money was drug trafficking money, then they threatened to take me to court. Later they did it. They charged me with offense and extortion, so they took me to the court, and... THEY LOST. Then, they brought charges against me again, they said I had been condemned because of extorsion. ...and then THEY LOST AGAIN.

A Mercedes Benz Argentina manager, Mr AGUSTIN STELATTELLI, told to the press that I was crazy.

My family and me have been threatened to kill more than 70 times. I was able to record many of this menacing phone calls.

" ... if you see strangers around, please phone me... "

Strangers came to me offering contraband spare parts from Paraguay, I guess it was in order to involve me in smuggling activities.

This is really bad: I guess that this year my little son will not be able to come back to his school.
Because the school authorities will let him to come back,
only if I sell my car and if I stop with this affair. This is very bad for him. You must know he is afraid about me to be imprisoned or killed. He lives in stress.

Last point: the Argentinian Customs told me that I had the right to press charges against Mercedes Benz Argentina because of smuggling. But the Judge Mr. Julio Cruciani said that selling spare parts without paying customs not a crime. Is Argentinian Customs wrong?


During 1996 I tried to publish an advertisement on these Buenos Aires newspapers: CLARIN, LA PRENSA y LA NACION, in order to publicize my story.

These newspapers did not let me do it.

You know, these three papers are the most important ones from Argentina. Then, I tried to publish classified ads in order to sell my car, just telling to the readers that I was selling it because I was not able to get spare parts. I was not allowed to do it.


One more time, the press said NO. I can probe that my story is a true story. So, why can't I publish it? Are you wondering about Mercedes Benz Argentina pressure? I don't know....

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If I avoid that they kill me,

 never in my life I will guide

a Mercedes Benz
a Maybach,

not very sure cars to lack provision of original reserves on the part of Daimler Chrisler. I don't want to finish dead as Lady Di.

Andrew Kopylow (8 years) 


It is possible for you to be the next, here in Argentina or anywhere.

I need your help.

Please, tell your friends about my story and about this web site.
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If you had any problem with Mercedes Benz, please tell me about here: AMSLY1@GMAIL.COM.

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Yes, I am going to perform a world tour of protest, taking with me my strange car Mercedes Benz.

So, I am needing sponsors to make it possible!

If you can help me, please contact me at:

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Last moment, December 14, we have suffered an attack with shots of firearms on the Panamerican freeway, I was travelling with my wife and son, we leave unhurt for luck, this is attractive fair when in yesterday's day I gave two reports to channel 9 and channel 2 of television that were not emitted where I denounce the Lloyds Bank and to Mercedes Benz.

On March 3rd happened it that I was wondering about: my little son was not allowed to come back to school. You know, my son is six years old.

The school is the COLEGIO LINCOLN CAMPUS. The school authorities are GABRIELA VAZQUEZ, GABRIELA HERRERIA and MARIA CAROLINA LODI. The school belongs to AMALIA LODI

Why did they do this?

Because the conditions for him to come back to school were that I had to stop with the Mercedes Benz affair, I had to sell the car and I had to perform a psychological test.

I guess that these are extortionist conditions.

One more tip: they are refusing to give me the documentation I need in order to send the boy to another school. They told me that if I want that documentation, I will have to go to the Court. Then I told them that in the meantime, my son is not able to study. They told me to get a governess for him...

Why this people is doing this?

It was not possible, because the Court said NO.

A Mercedes Benz manager, AGUSTIN STELLATTELLI, told to the press that he was wondering about me to be crazy. See DOCUMENTS.

Now, I am wondering: is it possible that SOMEONE paid to the LINCOLN CAMPUS school for doing this?

What do you think?




My name is ANA MARÍA SLY, my husband is ANDRÉS KOPYLOW, British citizen and my son Andrew it is also it. I LOOK FOR JUSTICE AND to DRY THE TEARS OF MY SON (today he is 8 years old). He doesn't have blame some. When buying a CAR Mercedes Benz of U$S 85.000, my husband demanded them to place him original reserves in the repairs. We discover that they were not it, they entered them to the country in illegal form and they charged them as legitimate. It introduced the complaint to Mercedes Benz and there our nightmare began. They made a mistake when tossing my son of the school Lincoln. Mrs. María Carolina Lodi DNI 11.529.189 legal representative of that school, until today enjoys impunity. Also the directors Gabriela Vazquez and Gabriela f. Herrería de Bou and the teachers that helped her. My son Andrew says: "if I missbehave, do they put me in penance which punish they will give to them to throw me out of the school?, will they take them preys"?. The inspector Sarco was in charge of the investigation. It was able to emit a provision, but it failed. Position the inspectora Mirta Barbero was made, she said that we are not entitled to request explanations. All regrets the death of Mr. Hector Fernando Sarco, people that met him said that he was a correct, very fair person. The inspectors boss Marta Foye didn't respond to our complaint note. The boss of the General Education of Private Schools Adress (DIEGEP) Mr. Odriozola could not receive us, they derived us to Mr. Mario Ciarlante. THEY FILED THE FILE, THERE WERE NOT SANCTIONS. THERE IS NOT ANSWER, THE ONLY ONE PUNISHED IS MY SON. THE CULPRITS ARE PRIVILEGED. HOW MANY CURRENCIES OF SILVER were PAID to DESTROY THE PHYSICAL, PSYCHIC AND EMOTIONAL BALANCE OF MY SON?. He is only a boy, he was 5 years old when they tossed it, before they tortured him with persecutions of psychological studies (is it documented in the file that opened up in the DIEGEP). With how much illusion he did wait the beginning of the classes, to celebrate their birthday nº 6 with their partners.
The Argentinean Congress ratified the Convention on the boy's rights in 1990 instituting it as National Law 23.849. in 1994 (year in that Andrew was born) the Constituyent Convention incorporated it to the article 75 of the new Constitution. From then on the Argentinean Republic should adapt all its laws so that the rights of the children are respected of agreement with the international principles. Inside the 10 (ten) principles of the Boy's declaration Rights say: that they deserve a special protection, that they should have all the same opportunities to study and to learn as to think for themselves, right to the recess and a lot of time to play. The children should always be the first ones in receiving protection and aid. NO BOY SHOULD BE TREATED CRUELLY. The boys should be protected against the practices that foment the racial discrimination, nun or of any other nature. The discrimination is always exercised by those that feel superior (in this case Carola Lodi) and it consists on to impede to who is considered inferior (my 5 year-old son) that enjoy of all the freedoms and rights that correspond equally all. So that it can have JUSTICE, it is necessary that there are LAWS. LAWS THAT ALL ARE FORCED TO RESPECT. IF THERE IS NOT JUSTICE FOR MY SON IN THE COUNTRY, CAN I REQUEST HELP TO SOME ORGANISM IN GREAT BRITAIN? If you know something, please HELP ME.
To choose the mark Mercedes Benz it happened us this:

1. - They made two penal trials to my husband. When they meet us in the Restaurant of the Lake in Palermo, they attended Mr. Ricardo Berhold (vice-president of Mercedes Benz), Mr. Stephan Moebius (this Mr. Insisted that I have to be there), my husband and a notary. I don´t know how in could finished this if, instead of the notary that accompanied my husband, has gone me. Then we knew that they had begun a trial for extortion. Did they want to invent tests to incriminate us at both? With who has been Andrew (in that then of 2 years), if ttheir parents (us) had been taken as prisoners? Why so much cruelty? Chance or coincidence? In the extortion crime there is not excarcelación. They underrated the District attorney accusation Dr. Raúl F. Ynarra, the District attorney of the National Camera of Penal Cassation, Dr. Raúl Omar Plee and the Judge of Degree Dr. Luis O. Rodríguez. They appealed in all the instances; they determined that my husband didn't make crime, when placing posters in our car like complaint that doesn't constitute crime. I thank to all the Drs. That I mentioned that have acted with objectivity; of us to be this way Mercedes Benz had destroyed us. THEY WILL HAVE THE SECOND PENAL ANTECEDENT , I don't know how many years of prison it corresponds the extortion accused. Mercedes Benz lost the two trials. I don't seek that they believe me, I ask them to investigate; as well as we present tests, they also have to do it. In the manual that they surrender, when a client buys an automobile Mercedes Benz, it doesn't say what can happen if one complains when being swindled.
2. - The insurance company ANSWER, of the World Group Royal & SUN ALLIANCE, company with German capitals, canceled the insurance of our automobile, WITHOUT REASONS. This happened one month after having made the policy. Did they want to avoid that the car circulated? Chance, coincidence or bribes? This company is associated to the Lloyds TSB.
3. - The company ANSWER tried to obtain my husband's private medical information, by means of a school insurance. They wanted him to authorize them to open medical files and to have that confidential information. Chance or coincidence?
4. - Mrs. Carola Lodi (herself shortens their name in a stamp), legal representative of the school Lincoln, demanded with psychologist imposed by her (Bárbara Goicoa) and the director Gabriela F. Herreria de Bou also imposed a psychologist (Atty. Claudia P. Ibarreta) that made ourselves the whole group family psychological studies. It was suppoused we to take out the posters of the car, to sell it, to change mark and to leave the case Mercedes Benz. I remember when Mrs. Carola Lodi asked if Andrew was urinated in the bed, if the stains in the skin were for that topic (stress), how he reacted before Mercedes Benz's threats, how it affected that topic to our son. Why so much interest in Mercedes Benz? Chance, coincidence or bribe?
5. - In a trial to Mercedes Benz, Atty. María B. Ruiz Moreno insisted on making psychological studies to my husband and partner-environmental study (to enter to our house). She Came one day July 9 1997 (traded), rainy. Very dedicated to the work this it would work judicial. They had already painted him the fingers of black for the digital prints. The lawyer Angela Del Buono insisted that she had to be made all that they requested him. It got paid U$S 2.400. -, if my husband doesn't say goodbye to her and another lawyer names, (he had to pay U$S 15.000. - more) has had the first criminal record that Mercedes Benz looked for. WITHOUT TESTS. IT WAS UNDERRATED. THEY REQUESTED A YEAR OF PRISON. Chance, coincidence or bribe? I wait that some day MERCEDES BENZ is PUNISHED. It entangled us in this judicial tangle, we live paying lawyers; some make their work at the beginning and later ...nobody knows happens with them. They change to seem and they become in against. Who does have interest in manufacturing criminal records to my husband for not allowing it to leave the country? He had announced for INTERNET that he wanted to make the world tour with the car with the protest posters.
7. - When they attacked us continually with threats of death, even attacks in the freeway, my husband began with financial problems. It presented a note to the Lloyds Bank (BLSA) to Mr. Gooss Hodge, requesting extension, they designated Mrs. Alicia F. Ortiz de Simón so that she saw our case. They replaced Mr. Hodge for Collin Mitchell. It changed everything, they demanded the immediate cancellation from that owed and they began the judicial execution. We never knew if that gentleman Mitchell existed. In that note my husband related what happened with Mercedes Benz. My husband had been client of the Lloyds Bank for more than 20 years for that it changed so much coming from this bank? The Dr. Horacio Miguel Lucchia Puig (seized Gral. Of the Lloyds Bank) had an Mercedes Benz automobile. Will chance be or just coincidence? This lawyer began us seizure and general inhibition of goods on behalf of the Lloyds Bank. They didn't allow us to sell anything to cancel the debt, they WANT THE ONE it FINISHES OFF OF OUR GOODS. We found very strange, any creditor wants to charge his debt. We are able to sell a property of U$S 100.000. - but they didn't authorize us the sale although everything went to the cancellation of the debt. After a scandal that made the lawyer Luchia Puig (in presence of the noter, buyer, the buyer's lawyer, my husband's lawyer and us), we are able to notarize. Which is the reason Lucchia Puig wanted to make fail the operation of sale of our property? When canceling the bank debt with interests, tickets and punitorios, they had to return documents taken as guarantee by U$S 139.000. - (they had also demanded the signature of a mortgage). they Only charged one of U$S 3.900. - (with interests) and they deposited it to the average bill. The other ones, didn't charge them neither they allowed them to get paid, neither until today's day they returned them, that is to say THAT OFFICIALLY LLOYDS BANK STEALS US OUR PATRIMONY the same as many Argentinean citizens. My husband claimed them many times (first in verbal form, later for written means) but there was not way of recovering them. The lawyer of the Lloyds Bank Marta Beatríz Lujani offered to return them, but my husband should sign that he didn't have anything to claim for compensations, DIRECTLY it was EXTORTING IT FOR OUR NECESSITY OF CANCELING THE DEBT. REASON THE Lloyds Bank believes that it can charge interests, tickets, lawyers' honorarium, etc., and when they make a mistake, OR do they SWINDLE they are not taken charge of the compensation that corresponds? Of the mortgage the whole capital was canceled, it is only $15.000. - (U$S 4.000. -) in concept of interests, it fines and punitorios and they want to finish off a property of 3%. - they had noticed date of it finishes off for the 30-10-01 (for order of London it was suspended); later for the day passed March 6 (they could not make it for a law that suspended the executions for the existent economic chaos in Argentina) and now for luck the term extended for 90 days again, so we continue with our agony. Will a concesionary work in our commercial property Mercedes Benz, if they make the one does it finish off? In Argentina the economic activity is very scarce, the revenues are also tiny. The lawyer Lucchia Puig also wants now it finishes off for its honorarium, he doesn't have shame after everything that he made. It falsified data in the one filled of the note, when executing it. The corresponding penal accusation was made, I hope it is investigated and punish. My husband's lawyer Dr. Manuel Herrera ( we find out after he is friend of Lucchia Puig and proprietor of a Mercedes Benz car) don't I object that, did it also allow to conquer the answer of the demand, will it be to protect their friend of the Lloyds? When the Dr. Herrera made him sign several leaves to present in the tribunal, it included three papers in white. When my husband realized it broke the signatures. He said that it was for if he lacked to add something. With which data could be filled three pages signed in white, when the lawyer Lucchia Puig is despaired to finish off our goods? God only knows what had belonged to us, if my husband in trust, had left this way him those papers. Dr. Herrera was offended by that lack of my husband's trust, and it gave up to continue sponsoring him, on the edge of new date of it finishes off. He tell to my husband that Lucchia Puig “will explode it". does the lawyer only Act Lucchia Puig on behalf of the bank or of somebody more? Did he request my husband's personal crash (is it documented in the Expte.). Reason so much savagery? Does it continue being the Lloyds Bank an English bank or does it have German capitals as its associated of the World Group Royal & Sun Alliance? My husband sent letters and several fax to the Sirs David Thomas, I. D. Cheyne, but the one finishes off it follows his course. Chance or coincidence?
8. - With all the problems and expenses, the lawyer Silvia Beatríz Franco Tortora gave him money in loan to my husband. She is the government's anticorruption it would work (she was identified this way and it converges to all sides with two bodyguard). She Already kept our good, the sale and purchase ticket had put it to the daughter's name, she transfered it and ordered the writing. She made it for less than 25% of the value that figured in the ticket. It is avoiding taxes. The corresponding penal accusation was made, we hope it is investigated and it is punished. My husband signed a note for some taxes of the property, as the notary he didn't request the free debt they made it to him to sign for a bigger approximate value (U$S 2.700. -) as guarantee, until today's day, in spite of claiming the notary and the buyer they did never present the payment vouchers (is there penal accusation presented against the buyer that is without investigation for 10 months), do you INFLUENCE OF THE PUBLIC WORKER so that they don't INVESTIGATE? The lawyer Franco executed for everything and she began general inhibition of goods. Today she wants to produce our house that it is valued in 5%. - or to buy it for a vile price.
Now I will count them what they made us on Tuesday August of this year 13 (2002). AT 7.30 in the morning my husband and my son went out with the backpack to go to the school, in direction to the street door (our house is to 50 mts. of the sidewalk), they waited for them the remise. There were many people in front of the grill, among it three armed policemen with guns, we believe that another in a patrol one police, 2 men with knots, a van of zoonosis of the Municipality of Tigre (later they told him that it was to catch our dogs and to move away them of our house), a man that they told to my husband that was a locksmith with a valise, a man that told him that it was official of justice (RICARDO HUGO VIGNA), another man that said to be of the supreme Court of Justice (their credential only said that he was the lawyer, NORBERTO EMILIO FREIJO) and another man that was not identified and several vehicles. The official of justice said that he came to make a levelling for a property verification, my husband told him that it left to take to our son to the school, that I was sleeping. There they told him that they came in that schedule because they knew that it took to our son to the school and if it left they made stop, nobody could retire of the house and the policemen pointed with their weapons. My husband didn't understand reason we were as hostages in our own house for a group of people that they represent the law and in this case they were in charge of of violating it to the best style GESTAPO. I could not even come out. My husband entered to the house, he woke up me and he told me what happened. Andrew was on the edge of the cry, he had witnessed everything and he was afraid when the policemen aimed him with their weapons. He asked what it happened, reason wanted to take prisoner to my husband. He wanted to go to the school, he doesn't have any lack, the school for him it is a very important part of his life. Quickly I got dressed to leave, they could not deprive from their freedom to my son. We were toward the hall door, my husband opened it; a man with a country shirt (green fringe and other colors) it pushed me toward inside (then my husband told me he was the official of justice), I came unfastened of a tug and we ran toward the car. I shout him that he didn´t have right to do that and I saw a police turn and aiming us. We ascend and I requested to the driver that started up quick. In the car my son spoke to me and I didn't listen to him. I was very afraid. We didn't want to escape, we only wanted to arrive to the school. Then I tried to calm down, Andrew wondered if the policemen would kill his father and the dogs (few months ago somebody shooted our car and hhe was there, he fears him to happen again). I told Him that not, I hope he has believed me (I was not sure). I could not speak with him, he had to go this way to the school, with all that anguish. Another time I don't understand it: Did reason make all that in my son's presence? Didn't reason allow it to go? Is it so important for them to destroy my son to achieve our subjection? It is brutal the pressure that they make us, Andrew doesn't have blame of anything, it didn't sign neither he bought anything... Today my husband could be crying on 2 coffins. They broke the lateral hall door of street, my husband was trying to accommodate the dogs, they violated the access lock to the house for the garage, several men entered with two armed policemen. We don't know that they made exactly that revised us. When they finished all of the house they left and they left my husband 2 papers. He was in the park with the dogs, in no way we can allow that they harm them, neither that they attack these criminals, they didn't make anything so that they connect them as wild beasts and they kill them pleading that they wanted to bite them, they are all picked up of the street, abandoned, run over by some wicked driver that doesn't aid them and leaves them liberated to their luck. At this time only we have 13, but we end up having 30, they are part of our family, I don't believe that they understand it. Two died days after the vandalism: Beta and Ringo for the received blows, were old dogs that could not defend, this garbage of people they didn't have necessity to make it, but they are cowardly, they attack the one that cannot defend, being shielded in the law that themselves violates continually.
They don't have respect for the life of people, I doubt that they have it for the animals. When I returned and I entered to my house, I had a sensation of tremendous anguish. We were treated as criminals, did they have us as hostages adducing that it was necessary to make that judicial, so dangerous step they consider us? They break the lock of the street hall door, an internal door, the net of the window of the kitchen (did some policeman want to hit you dogs that were in the back gallery, because when opening it the dogs they reacted before unknown people?), and did it disappear us money. We made the corresponding accusation in the Office of San Isidro, I wait that they make something, but... we don't kidnap people, we don't traffic with drug, we don't steal neither we kill anybody, we only trust in a German self-driven company and a British bank. Is it chance or coincidence all this? Every night I ask to God: How more we have to support? I know that now they want the one it finishes off of all our goods, maybe to manufacture another penal cause to my husband to send it to the jail, there it is easier to kill him and not to wake up suspicions on who it was. It is not easy, if they make it I will continue. Maybe they find simple in the moment in that they plan it, accompanied by bottles of whisky or wine, they are delirious and they sigh thinking of the victory. GOD EXISTS. That wooden piece made fail our plan passed December 14. I know that it is necessary to press the teeth and to continue. If they end up killing my son they don't leave me alive. Remind the law Megan in USA. I know that in Argentina that one cannot make. I will travel the world, although it is crawling when I no longer have forces to claim JUSTICE. WHY SO MUCH IMPUNITY? I WANT FOR ANDREW A FUTURE IN THE LIGHT OF THE LIFE AND I DON'T LOWER EARTH. I hope the justice inspector doesn't count his children (if he has them), that made; they won't be proud of him. Whose man will have felt when humiliating my husband before their small son, their wife, his neighbors. With all those armed policemen in that way, the worst in the cowards feels hero. My husband communicated several times what is happening to us (for note), to the British embassy in Buenos Aires, and he sent a letter to the British Minister Anthony Blair, March of this year 14. They responded the note but we don't know if they will make something or not. When we are inside 3 coffins (maybe all the comfortable one that it seems), we will no longer need help, it will be late, but at least we continue attempting it.
When I could speak with Andrew, he asked me very much, he stayed thinking, and at the end he told me: " They have the force and the hate, we have the intelligence and the reason". With their 8 years he told me this sentence so wise. I looked at it, I felt so proud of my son.
9. - the panels of Blindex of the front of the commercial building (where my husband works) they went them breaking, one per day, with projectiles, previous to the audience with Mercedes Benz in the Secretary of Trade. Then the audience was postponed because Mercedes' directive didn't converge. Then it was filed. Chance, coincidence or the enemy's attack?
10. - the accusation that was presented so that the presumed smuggling of reserves is investigated, they assigned it to the Judge in the Penal Economic Julio Cruciani, he not even made an appointment to Mercedes' directive Benz, so that he explains the office nonexistence to square of Customs when entering reserves. It was filed without investigation neither explanation. Chance, coincidence or bribes?
11. - December of 2001, 14 leave the act of end of course of the school. 48 hs. before, channel 2 and the 9 (they are Argentinean television channels) they had made us a note in Reconquest and Florida streets (in front of the Lloyds Bank) but they didn't leave to the air. The day December 3 the economic chaos had begun. As we had to make a step we retire a little before the act. Beside our car there was a man with a strange shirt (flowered), it didn't seem student's father (he would have to be at once), neither a remise driver; he looked at us from feet to head and he retired some meters while we ascended to the car. When we left, we saw that he talked on a cellular the phone. Until there anything seemed to suspect what would come. We ascend to the freeway. We made several meters. We went speaking, laughing, our son had passed of degree with excellent notes and it already began his well deserved summer vacations. Suddenly, a noise similar to a strange explosion. I filled with tiny glass splinters. Why to the exit of the school with our son on board? I believe that they have a great heart. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE ORPHAN TO ANDREW. They know when we go alone. Chance or coincidence. A Mercedes Benz was the casket for the princess Lady I gave, our Mercedes Benz could have been our casket. I would not have the necessary cowardice to make toss from the school to the children of Carola Lodi, to the children of the directive of Mercedes Benz neither of the Lloyds Bank. Neither of ordering (neither to execute) the death of a family with their small son on board. Do those that make that believe that they were not born of a mother, maybe of an egg?
Can they clear up of our goods, of our freedom, of our life? BUT GOD EXISTS. There is a sentence that accompanies me: if you lose your fortune you have lost something, if you lose your honor, you have lost a lot, IF YOU LOSE YOUR ANGER YOU HAVE LOST EVERYTHING.
An Argentinean newspaper (Clarín 25-11-01) says: "CORRUPTION, A WRONG WITHOUT CONDEMNS IN ARGENTINA". It also Says: " THE JUSTICE DOESN´T WANT OR IT IS NOT ABLE TO AND THE CORRUPTION IS WITHOUT IT CONDEMNS". This newspaper refused to publish my husband´s requested, authorized by the Court of Justice, since they don't offend Mercedes Benz, they only relate the facts. WILL THIS BE CENSORSHIP OR BRIBES? After this Mercedes Benz, began to make enough publicity. The press, in almost the entirety of the main means in Argentina TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES, they don't publish anything about this case and they CENSOR OUR INTENTS OF PUBLISHING REQUESTED, the Argentinean journalists, most is as right as a fig, and that forgives me the tree.
TO HARM IS EASY, BUT WE CONTINUE EXPECTING JUSTICE. WE WON'T GIVE OURSELVES FOR CONQUERED. Would we have to arm and to practice in shot polygons, as our television? Does n already exist the Institutions?
I taught to Andrew, a sentence of a Hindu poet Rabindranath Tagore: "If you cry because has put on the sun, the tears won't allow you to see the stars". I Only wait that these they are the true ones, that of Mercedes follows us causing cry. I request to those responsible for the Lloyds Bank England that they don't ALLOW THAT ANDREW CRIES FOR A SCHOOL again. If they finish off our goods in unjust form (you don't return the documents and they pay what corresponds for the illegal retention) we won't be able to pay the school. THEY ALREADY CAUSED US MANY DAMAGES. Help my son to pray to GOD for a new school. They had already tossed it of the Lincoln. In the school Chaltel of Don Torcuato, made him exams, the director Clemens and other more they told me that it would enter; Mrs. Busnelli (I believe that it is one of the owners) she said after my husband was too strict, he knew reason Andrew it was without school that the Lincoln didn't want to give us the school certificate (for that reason they took him exams). she denied the entrance to my son. HE CRIED AGAIN. God only knows that to see a son in that way cry is stabs in the heart. Days later a Mercedes Benz Class A car appeared in the door of that school, patent DEM 316. If somebody knows to who it belongs, I would like him to share with me that information.
To those that helped us and they still make it, I am very grateful. To those that want to destroy us, I request to GOD that them of the peace that they need for not continuing harming so much. I KNOW THAT THE TRUTH HAS TO LEAVE TO THE LIGHT. If YOU can, send you an e-mail to the first English Minister's office TONY BLAIR, (e-mail-----------------------) so that they see our case and they are not continued making so many injustices. I sit down that they pushed us on the edge of the cliff, we are hanging, clinging hopelessly for not falling and they are already stepping our fingers. They bet to that we will come unfastened and we will smash in the bottom. I told to my husband that if their country cannot help us that look for some other one that respects the freedom and justice and where the institutions work. I want to live in peace and in family, as before we bought our automobile Mercedes Benz. MANY THANK YOU, although they cannot help us, only to read this and to make it know to your friends you can help us. Thank you to have read this. Ana María Sly.




Mercedes Benz Argentina tells me that there are not spare parts for my car.


This is the Mercedes Benz owner's manual. Here it is said that all Mercedes Benz
authorized dealers
will provide you with Mercedes Benz original spare parts.

Mercedes Benz offers me to change the spare part that were imported without
paying customs duty.


Mercedes Benz AG tells me that they will investigate my problems. They promise me
that they will contact with Mercedes Benz Argentina.


Mercedes Benz Argentina tells me that they are not responsible because of their
official dealers.


Mercedes Benz AG tells me that they agree with Mercedes Benz Argentina.


The German Embassy says that they agree with Mercedes Benz Argentina procedure.


Agustin Stellatelli, a Mercedes Benz Argentina manager, says that I need
a psychological test.


The newspaper CLARIN don't let me to publish classified advertisement in order
to sell my car.


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