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1) ACCUSATION BY CONTRABAND AND TAX EVASION, in the Penal Economic Federal Court

in charge JULIO CRUCIANI judge.

RESULT: IT WAS NOTHING INVESTIGATED neither nobody of Daimler-Chrysler was cited, in spite to have right by law to be informated about the investigation, NOBODY IN THE COURT WANTS TO SUPPLY ME INFORMATION and the process does not appear.


the Concessionary Diesel San Miguel SA, President Antonio Regueira, by accomplishing misleading advertising, not to have parts stock as demands it the law, and to lack workshop to give the services post sale. Today year 2001 continue making what is same, defrauding to the clients.

RESULT: Defense to the Consumer rejects the accusation, garishly before citing to two hearings to Mercedes Benz and in subsequent form to the visit of the heads of the company (that they were not denounced in this process) cite that the car was sold in 1992, that the Law is of 1994, in spite that the facts were produced in 1996, someone can explain how

it is the matematica....? It exceed me two years, to Defense of the Consumer (coul be a joke the name) It lack two years. Excellent form of accommodating the things in favor of Mercedes Benz and its agent.

3) ACCUSATION IN DEFENSE OF THE Federal Capital CONSUMER against the Mercedes Benz Arg. company. for misleading advertising, to forge the number of concessionaires. They published 78 when for cars they had with much luck 6, to lack original parts stock, (putting on serious risk to the Mercys car occupant) and parts sold without certificate of

Customs (Contraband).

RESULT: Defense to the Consumer appoints to Mercedes Benz? and dismisses the accusation cite that the periods are prescripted, when these in reality are interrupted by court actions. Don't accusse at the same time to investigate two OFFENSES AS THE CONTRABAND AND THE TAX EVASION that by Law is their obligation to make it. Say that by processal economy is

transmited the acted in Buenos Aires'province, when in reality are accusations against different companies. And the facts against Mercedes Benz are different. The next time I will denounce in a CIRCUS, so at least I laugh with the CLOWNS. Meanwhile the consumer with officials like those IS VERY PROTECTED.

4) ACCUSATION in DEFENSE TO THE CONSUMER against Parking PLaza Alvear SA, municipal concessionaire of the parking located in Cerrito and Libertador in charge of ROBERTO SERVENTE. There in reiterated ocations injured my car, threatened me and prevented my revenue. The facts are proven by the Federal Police, Notarys that lifted acts, Book

of Complaints, and a journalist had record one of the intimidations that I received and published a note about the topic. It was individualized Roberto Servente as author of the damages to the car, owner of the parking. All these facts were in relation with the Mercedes Benz' case.

RESULT: Next to the hearings, Defense to the Consumer is had lost the process, just when the punishment against these criminals had to leave. The motive of this process had to leave in a report to the Buenos Aires city procurement. To investigate the topic and the proceed of the concessionary of a public thing. TO WHO DEFENDS DEFENSE TO THE CONSUMER,

to my criterion an entity with corruptive officials.

5) Defense to the Consumer of La Plata derives the case before my claim to the Trade Secretary.



RESULT: Three years later NOTHING WAS INVESTIGATED, neither nobody sanctioned, all continues equal.

7) DEATH THREATS ACCUSATIONS TO ME, MY WIFE AND MY SON OF FIVE YEARS FROM 70 calls that I have received I could record SIX and I denounced it in the Penal justice, in different judges of the Judicial Department of San Isidro, one of the accusations was of kidnapping. I Request to be cited Mercedes Benz (Daimler-Chrysler) heads, because before denouncing to this company never nobody had threatened me of death, NEVER.

RESULT: NOTHING WAS INVESTIGATED, NOBODY OF THE COMPANY WAS CITED and the files were filed, happened all to the forgetfulness. Mercedes Benz have to be protected at all costs.

8) ACCUSATION presented to the DIEGEP ( SCHOOLS ADDRESS), against the LINCOLN COLLEGE and AMALIA LODI owner of the Insititution, her daughter MARIA CAROLINA LODI, legal representative and main artificer of this criminal and BASE maneuver against FIVE YEAR OLD BOY, and the Directresss Gabriela Vazquez and Gabriela Herreria as necessary participers to accomplish this persecution

to affect in a psychological way to my son, to be able in this way to obtain private information from me, (the only ones despaired in obtaining my psychological profile are those of Mercedes Benz Arg. SA, they tried it until in judicial form, it should be the german genes). Before several attempts

as I refuse to the fact that my son will be submitted to psychologic studies without nobody of the school giving me an accurate datum so that was needing them and in which was failing as student, the truth of the matter exploted. CAROLINA LODI suggest me to let the MERCEDES BENZ case and to sell the car in exchange for that my son continue studying in the Institute. AS I DENIED TO THIS

EXTORTION, the boy was EXPELLED OF THE WORSE WAY, THE FIRST DAY OF BEGINNING OF CLASSES IT WAS DENIED TO REVENUE, were waiting me in the college THREE ARMED GUARDS to prevent that withdraw the documentation of my son, their objective were to make him lose the lesson year and especially TO INJURE THE BOY, something that achieved, AS IF LACKED SOMETHING MANUFACTURED AN INTERNAL ACT WITH THE COMPLICITY OF SOME PARENTS (TWO OR THREE) as if I were made disturbances this day. Is just that it would be difficult with those three armed bullies. Furthermore it is not my style, TO TOUCH GARBAGE WITH MY HANDS, furthermore if

they were so sure, they should have accomplished the accusation in the Police accusing me by this.

Before this, GUESS with wich car I debuted before not to have a zero kilometre car during the last ten years.

RESULT: The DIEGEP afterwards of endless transact where never wanted to receive the tests that I had and I offered it by note, wich they had never answered and avoided to the fact that I had access to the process, decided that all over this aberration only corresponds to perceive to the college The Central Headquarters must have said them, THAT IS NOT RIGHT, with a 5-year-old kid. As in the hole accusations they have to protect to the college. Argentina is full of corruptive officials in all the levels. The rights of the child should be written in TOILET PAPER for the DIEGEP.

9) Accusation presented in the LAWYERS COLLEGE OF CAPITAL FEDERAL against GONZALEZ NOVILLO, Mercedes Benz Arg. SA general proxy by accomplishing untruthful accusations in the Federal Policie, asserting that I devote me to extort companies and that achieve my assignments, (I had never have penal actions in my life) MERCEDES BENZ tries to converting me into delinquent, they want to make it by contagion. This attorney was trying to invent tests for his subsequent penal action extortion, that MERCEDES BENZ (today DAIMLER -CHRYSLER) losts in the Courts.

RESULT: THE ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION protected to its colleague. By wich way? IT DID NOT INVESTIGATE NOTHING and the process in spite my presented notes claiming news, IT DOES NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE, NEITHER EITHER INFORM ME NOTHING, just nobody related with Mercedes Benz must be punished by this case. TOTAL IMPUNITY.

10) Accusation against ANSWER CIA. OF INSURANCES, in DEFENSE TO THE CONSUMER, by have rescinded the insurance policy of the car without any reason next to have it approved, collected and issued. They aduced that the car IS USSUALY ROBBED....? I ask me why does everybody assures the car, moreover of be lies as argument, who wants to rob a garbage like this.

RESULT: DEFENSE TO THE CONSUMER dismisses my accusation protecting who?

.... to ANSWER CIA., OF INSURANCES. The consumer?... well thanks, but it does not must annoy with accusations against companies, especially when there are any relation with Daimler-Chrysler. A COMPLETELY SHAME.

11) Accusation in the ASSOCIATION OF Capital ATTORNEYS Federal, against CARLOS FONTAN BALESTRA, Mercedes Benz Arg. SA attorney, he tried to involved me in a judicial cause by damages, the argument were that an executive of Daimler-Chrysler (CARLOS H. MILANI) have felt injured by me because I have complained .....where? ... to Mercedes Benz of Germany, he accomplish intimations

for the supposed damages with a representation wich he did't have, and for chance he has forgotten to be identified as attorney, when I received the intimations I imagined that it was sended by the janitor of the company, the representation was obtained 6 months later (evidently he is a wizard) Also in that judgement where garishly my advocated, who I have to bid farewell since was trying to involve me as responsible, the letter had never appeared. Wich was the supposed test. Also as professional I fail to the presentation of demand for 12.000 km and a continent of


RESULT: THEY LOST THE JUDGEMENT IN THE COURTS, BUT THE attorneys association FOUND THAT TO MAKE THESE MANEUVER LACK OF ETHICS DO NOT VIOLATE THE PROFESSIONAL EXERCISE, again protecting to their colleagues. I ask me for what is usefull this attorneys association?

12) LAST ACTION: A Mercedes Benz M 320 black color with black glasses pickup track, assail us to meters from our house. It accelerated from block half at about 80 kilometres an hour when we were crossing the street with our car. I Achieved to make an evasion maneuver and to avoid the impact in the middle of our car where my wife was, nevertheless the pickup assail

us in the tail of the car pushing to the same some 30 meters and provoking us a top. The Mercys pickup truck was runaway. WE HAVE BEEN BORN AGAIN. It is the second time that occurs me an attempt, the previous time was three years ago just before attending to an article in the national television, that time was in the highway.


RESULT: To obtain two written budgets from a Mercedes Benz concessionary , I had to travel NINE, since the majority didn't have workshops neither people to quote the repairs. THE LIMIT, in DIESEL SAN MIGUEL SA, 'star' concessionary of the brand of course didn't have the smaller idea how to make a quote of the service (continue cheating to the people 8 years later) and they recommended me went to AUTOMUNDO SA, WOLKSWAGEN official concessionary, at least succeeded the nationality, it is also a German brand. THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY SHAME. Now it starts again, the odyssey of finding the parts that were damaged.